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Interviewer: How many cases are resolved at this pretrial conference stage?

Ninety Percent of Cases Are Resolved during the Judicial Pretrial

Steve Tomeo: I would say probably if you go to a judicial pretrial, as a result of that judicial pretrial, probably 90% of the cases are resolved.

Interviewer: Typically, how long after an individual is arrested and charged with DUI will they get to this judicial pretrial phase and meeting?

Steve Tomeo: Here is an example: I had a client that just was arrested so I was in court with him today. It was his arraignment date, but I don’t did not have any details about the case. I know what he tells me, but I don’t know how the police officer perceived the situation.

The prosecutor let me copy the file, and the prosecutor continued the case for 30 days. I will meet with my client and go over the arrest report between now and the next 30 days. Then, I’ll go in a try to see if the prosecutor will reduce the charge or dismiss it circumstances of the arrest have some Constitutional issues that are favorable to my client.

Many DUI Cases Are Resolved in the Pretrial Stage within 90 to 120 Days

Interviewer: How long does it take until you get to this stage where 90% of the cases are resolved on average?

Steve Tomeo: I would say with DUI cases probably an average would be 90 to 120 days.


(860) 764-2744

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