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In Connecticut, my experience has been overwhelming over the past for 20 years. Law in Connecticut indicates that you cannot drive while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or with a blood alcohol concentration in excess of the legal limit; the legal limit being 0.08 or above. It is a tough statute, because Connecticut does not need to prove your blood alcohol concentration and prove the charges against you beyond the reasonable doubt by using subjective and objective types of evidence.

For instance, the following might be used as evidence in a DUI charge to prove your guilt without the need of a blood alcohol concentration test:

  • How do you look and speak- Clothing disheveled? Smell like alcohol? Bloodshot eyes? Slurring words? Talking slowly? Did the police find you sleeping on the side of the road or at a stop sign?
  • What your reactions are- Moving slowly?
  • How do the police say you were driving- Were you speeding? Going too slowly? Staying in your lane or weaving or going over the center line? Driving too closely to someone?

In Connecticut, it is easy for police to stop a person and get a conviction for operating under the influence even if the person has had nothing to drink. I have had cases in the past where there has been no smell of alcohol or an alcoholic beverage on a person’s breath or person or emanating from the interior of the car and they were arrested. They did not do well on the field sobriety tests and were arrested for operating under the influence. When they went to the police station, took a breath test, and tested zero. The police then had the person take a urine or blood test and again, they tested zero. The police still proceeded to press charges against the individual and left it to the prosecutor or judge to dismiss or dispose of the case in some manner.

Because you see this happen often and the client is unwilling to or unable to afford legal services for a trial, it is a good thing that more police officers are equipped with body cams, or the cruisers have recording devices.

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