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People talk about early intervention. Some think that if you hire an attorney right-a-way you can dispose of the case favorably. That is not the case. There are Court and DMV procedures along with a process to be filed. It takes time to acquire the arrest report and police videos. So, if you hire an attorney in a timelier manner he can collect the evidence sooner rather than later. The Court time limits can be extended for good cause; however, the DMV time limits begin the day you are arrested.

What Sets You And Your Firm Apart In Defending Clients Who Are Facing DUI Charges In Connecticut?

There are only a limited number of attorneys that have had more experience in handling DUI cases. I think going back 20 years ago, there were criminal lawyers that routinely handle DUI matters, and most of their cases were family violence, larceny, murder, assaults, speeding and so on. I only handle DUI cases. There are some exceptions. My experience level is more than most in dealing with prosecutors, researching cases, and doing a lot of pretrial work on behalf of the DUI client. I am always well prepared and can answer most questions. I am levelheaded and calm and tenacious in the pursuit of justice for the client. I am not a magician. I make no guarantees. I promise that I shall always be truthful, explain the law and the process to the client and answer the client’s questions. I am a very direct and matter of fact, which might come across as conservative. I shall not tell you what you want to hear and will only tell you my opinion based upon the facts. I shall give you the positive and the negative. You will not have to tell me to be on your side because I always am and will be. I will be courteous and professional both in and out of court. I will ask you to dress up for Court—suit and tie if a man. I ask women to dress as if they were going to Church. I will not lie to the Judge and will not ask you to perjure yourself or lie. Our defense will be based on the law and what can be argued on your behalf. I will ask for my legal fees to be paid up front as is customary in legal matters. However, I shall consider a payment plan if your circumstances warrant it and I feel that I can receive all the payments. After you speak with me you will need to determine if we are a good match for client and lawyer. I will do my job the best I know how. I will become disgruntled if you ask me why jail is a possibility for you when your best friend never did jail time and he had 10 DUIs. All of this sets me apart from the rest. There are times when I may not take a case. There are many times when I tell people they have a bad case. That is the way I operate.

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