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MADD is a large organization and they make an issue of actions they feel are not in the public’s best interest. They write letters. They organize their members, they get newspaper articles written and they are very proactive. Truthfully, I believe the number of drunk driving arrests is way down in Connecticut.

Interviewer: Why do you think that is?

Attorney Tomeo Believes That Better Knowledge About the Penalties for DUI Has Led to the Decline of Dui Arrests

Steve Tomeo: Probably education and I think everybody knows somebody that has one or two DUIs in his background and knows the severity of the penalties. I think especially in city areas, people are more willing to take a cab. I think its education and severity of the penalties and knowledge about what they stand to lose. If you have a CDL license and you get picked up in Connecticut for drunk driving you are finished with that line of work. You lose your CDL license for a year and you’re not eligible for the Alcohol Education Program. So, there goes your livelihood.


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