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Interviewer: What would you say are some the top questions that people have about the DMV in regards to their DUI?

Should I Have Refused to Undergo the Chemical Test?

Steve Tomeo: The main issue that I see when people call, generally after the fact, is whether or not they should have taken the breath test or the urine test or the blood test. They want to know if they did the correct thing taking it or should they have refused it.

If this is your first ever DUI in the state of Connecticut or any place and you take the breath test, then your penalty could be at least a 90 day suspension. If you have a good driving history, you can apply for and usually obtain a work permit to drive to and from work and in the course of your employment.

If you are a first offender and you refused to take the breath test, your license suspension can be at least six months. You do not have the opportunity to obtain a work permit for the first three months of the suspension.

There is a significant administrative difference in the suspension if you take the test as opposed to not taking the test. Of course, if you have a hearing and you win in either case, then you do not get the license suspension.

Work Permits Allow Individuals, With the Exceptions of Commercial Drivers, to Drive to and From Work and During the Course of Their Employment

Interviewer: The work permit only allows individuals to drive to work. Is that correct?

Steve Tomeo: It’s a little broader than driving to and from work. You’re allowed to drive to and from work and during the course of your employment. As long as you’re not a commercial driver, you can drive for limited work purposes. For example, you’re at work and your boss has you driving a delivery truck that doesn’t have a CDL license or you use your car to drive for work purposes, you can do that.


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