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If the person arrested refuses to submit to such test or analysis or submits to such test or analysis, commenced within two hours of the time of operation, and the results of such test or analysis indicate that such person has an elevated blood alcohol content, the police officer, acting on behalf of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, shall … if such person is a nonresident, suspend the nonresident operating privilege of such person, for a twenty-four-hour period. According to the statute there is no confiscating of the nonresident’s license.

Will A DUI In CT Affect My Home State Driving Privilege?

I am only licensed to practice law in CT. An out-of-state DUI conviction will affect your CT driving privileges. So, I you never had a DUI and you get convicted in New York, New York will notify the CT DMV who for license suspension purposes will treat you as a first conviction offender, which is:

First Conviction 45-day license suspension If the 45-day suspension for failing or refusing a chemical test for the same arrest has already been served, may be eligible for restoration immediately if there are no other suspensions. Must install Ignition Interlock Device (IID) IID required for one year following restoration, or for the duration required under the Administrative Per Se law, whichever is longer If already reinstated with an IID following the suspension for failing or refusing a chemical test for the same arrest, the IID will be credited toward completion of the one-year requirement

Do I Have To Be Present In Court During The DUI Proceedings?

You must appear—be present—at Court, every time your case is on the Court Docket unless excused by the Judge or your case is continued. This is the rule whether you are represented by an attorney or you are representing yourself. At the DMV Administrative Per Se hearing your failure to show will generally result in the loss of your license. But if you are represented by an attorney at the DMV then it is fine if only your attorney attends the hearing without you.

If Probation Or Community Service Is Part Of My Sentence, Must I Do This In CT?

Probation is generally completed in Connecticut unless it is transferred to another State. This occurs because the person is moving to a State other than Connecticut or is from another State. And, the crime is usually a felony. Often times misdemeanor probation is not transferrable. As to Community Service there is no requirement that it be in CT but wherever you do your Community Service you must provide Proof of Completion on the Agency Letter head describing the number of hours you performed the CS, the dates you performed the services along with the services performed and is signed by an official of the Agency where you performed the work. The Agency should be a non-profit organization preferably one you are not a member of. You should offer some proof of this non-profit status to familiarize the Probation Department—Bail Services—with the organization and its mandate. As to Probation this is always supervised by the Probation Department who will keep track of what you are required to do.

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